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Alpamayo & Huascarán Climb - Perú Expedition


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Perú - 6,768 m (22,205 ft)

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Technical scale: Mountaineering skills required for our expeditions, alpine tours and demanding trekking.
1 - easy
2 - quite difficult
3 - difficult
4 - very difficult
5 - extreme
Mountaineering is the underlying ability to climb any mountain. On classic expeditions, many exposed areas are secured.

1 - easy / simple

"Easy" on expedition already includes mountaineering in alpine terrain or on glaciers up to grad ZS/AD "quite difficult" according to alpine scale. Exposed areas and crevasses are fixed if possible. Basic knowledge in handling ice axe / crampons and rope is required.

2 - quite difficult

Route with extensive passages in the grad ZS/AD: Safe handling with an ice ax, crampons and rope are required. Exposed places or crevasses are fixed if possible or walked in rope team.

3 - difficult

Persistent suspended passages must be managed. These will be insured if possible. Mountaineering on the alpine scale S/D "difficult" with exposed climbing passages (up to IV. UIAA degree). Good use of crampons and rope is required, as well as safe climbing in combined terrain.

4 - very demanding

Exposed and demanding route. The difficulties range up to the alpine scale SS/TD "very difficult" and are mostly insured. Dealing with fixed rope and climbing clamps, increased demands on climbing technique, physical conditions and experience are required, as are all the demands of "difficult" mountaineering.

5 - extreme

Very demanding mountaineering, even without the possibilities of protection. The terrain will rarely exceed the alpine difficulty SS/TD, but can reach the requirements of the alpine scale AS/ES "extremely difficult". Above-average ability and a lot of experience in alpine mountaineering are expected.
Danger Warning: For safety reasons, your personal skills and sufficient experience are required for each expedition and ascent (specific description under Information / Requirements).

Stamina - Endurance

A mountain athlete needs endurance above any other specific fitness skill. Cardiovascular fitness is of course always subject to the movement (as climbing rocks or steep ice, you will not be able to transfer your triathlete or running fitness to mountains without being solid in the required mountaineering skills).

1 - Active Tour
Easy treks to EBC or on top of Kilimanjaro. You should be an active person.
2 - Sportive Tour
More demanding treks, simple climbs, like the climb of Elbrus. You should be a sportive person regularly exercising (at least 2-3x per week).
3 - Demanding Trek / Expedition
Very demanding treks like to the top of Aconcagua, or expeditions at the physical lower level like Ama Dablam. You should be an endurance athlete wit mountaineering experience. You should train endurance at least 3x/week.
4 - High Endurance - Expedition
To climb Everest (with oxygen-support) or some of the "easier" 8000m peaks you need a strong endurance. You should train specifically at least 4-5x per week.
5 - Very high Endurance - Expedition
Some of our special self-supported 8000m+ peak climbs as on Makalu, or to climb Everest (without oxygen-support) fit into this category. Your endurance should be near the level of a professional mountain athlete. 

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Alpamayo & Huascarán Climb - Perú Expedition

Selected dates:

Full service:
4.950,00 €

Airport of departure:

Buchung auf Anfrage (Upgrade, Preise für Linienflüge ab Deutschland nach Lima (Peru) ab EUR 850,- je nach Saison und Verfügbarkeit)

Costs - Perú Expedition

Full-service participation makes you member of a guided expedition to in Perú giving you a good chance to reach the summits of Alpamayo and Huascaran, and with a little luck even more 6000m-peaks.

  • from 2 participants guaranteed with IVBV-mountain-guide
  • from 8 participants with SummitClimb-leader
  • max. 12 participants in the group

Other wishes?

We would be happy to put together an individual offer for your mountaineering trip or expedition in Perú. Please contact us.

Costs and Services - Alpamayo and Huascarán Expedition

Our Peru Expedition includes (for full-service membership):

  • SummitClimb leadership:
    - from 8 participants to max. 12 participants with an international guide
    - guaranteed from 2 participants with Peruvian guide, IVBV / AIMGA - certified
  • Organization of expedition
  • All transfers from/to Lima as in the itinerary
  • Lima: 1 x overnight stays in ***hotel (double, sharing) with breakfast
  • Huaraz: 7 x overnight stays ***hotel (double, sharing) with breakfast
  • Santa Cruz Trekking, donkey support - personal luggage of 15 kg
  • Group material and material transport to base camp
  • Lounge tent, cooking tent, and kitchen materials
  • Meals (breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner) at base camp
  • Hot and cold water, drinks (coffee, tea) at base camp
  • At base camp: 2-person tent (single tent on request)
  • Fees for the Huascarán National Park
  • Medical equipment - Emergency pharmacy
  • Satellite phone
  • UHF/VHF radio for each team
  • Ascents with Peruvian IVBV/UIAGM mountain guide / international leader:
    - 1 guide per 2 members on Alpamayo
    - 1 guide per 3 members on Huascaran
  • High Camp: Alle necessary group equipment like tents (sharing), stoves, food
  • Group gear: Ropes, snowbars and ice screws for the ascent

Not included: 

  • Travel insurance
  • International flights (meeting point Lima)
  • Dinner and lunch for hotel accommodation in Lima and Huaraz (we generally go out together as group)
  • Personal mountaineering equipment
  • Snacks, alcoholic beverages, tips.

Itinerary - Alpamayo & Huascarán expedition

Day 1  Arrival in Peru: Lima - Huaraz
Arrival in Peru, Lima before midday at the latest. Pick-up at the airport in Lima and transfer to the busterminal. We take a comfortable bus and drive along the coast before turning inland to the Cordillera Negra. The 4050 m high Concocha Pass leads to the wonderful valley of the Rio Santa, from where we drive to Huaraz (3050m). We spend the night in a comfortable family hotel, overnight stay/F.
  • Drive: approx. 8 hrs. **hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 2  Huaraz

Early in the morning, you wake up - weather permitting - with a fantastic view of the Cordillera Blanca. Acclimatization and the final preparations for the expedition at Huaraz.
  • **hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 3  Nevado Mateo Climb

We start early to climb Nevado Mateo, a popular day climb in the Cordillera Blanca. Located near Huaraz, we drive to almost 4,800m / 15,750 ft, then a hike and glacier walk lead to the summit. This day climb offers good prepartion and acclimatization for our more demanding next goals.
  • Drive: approx. 2 hrs. 
  • Ascent: 450m / 1,500 ft in approx. 4 hours (up) / 2 hours (down)
  • Summit: 5,150m / 16,900 ft
  • **hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 4  Santa Cruz Trek
Via Yungay and Caraz we drive through the Rio Santa valley accompanied by magnificent scenery. We start the trek in Cashapampa accompanied by donkeys, reach the Llamacorral Camp (3800m).
  • Drive: approx. 3 hours
  • Trek: 9km - ascent: 800 m / 2,600 ft in approx. 4 hours.
Day 5 • Santa Cruz Trek
Passing the Laguna Jatuncocha, a beautiful mountain lake, we hike towards Taullipampa. This trail is known as part of the Santa Curs Trek. We set up the base camp in the flat valley between Alpamayo and Rinrijirca (4200m).
  • Trek: 10km - ascent: 600 m / 2,000 ft descent: 200 m / 650 ft in approx. 6 hrs.
Day 6 • Alpamayo base camp
After a comfortable trek to the base camp, we can acclimatize today with a material transport to the moraine, then descend and recovery in base camp.
  • Trek: ascent and descent: 600 m / 2,000 ft  in approx. 4 hrs.
Day 7 • Alpamayo ascent to high camp
Ascend past the moraine onto the glacier to reach and build up high camp.
  • Climb: ascent of 900 m / 3,000 ft
  • Altitude: 5,300m / 17,400 ft
Day 8  Rest / Reserve day
This rest and reserve day is used for acclimatization, route exploration, it can be used for the summit push if necessary.
Day 9  Alpamayo summit!
We plan to climb via the classic Ferrari route (main difficulty is a 350m long 55° steep snow couloir) or the French route. We climb on fixed ropes with ascenders or in roped teams (for full-service participants: 1 mountain guide per 2 participants). Descent to the high camp.
  • Climb: ascent and descent of 800 m / 2,700 ft
  • Technical terrain: ice of 55°. Average time: 10 hours
  • Summit: 5,947 m / 19,511 ft
Day 10  Quitaraju climb (optional) / Reserve day
Optional ascent of Quitaraju (6,036 m) with difficulties of up to 55° in firn and ice. The ascent is probably only suitable for technically very confident participants without a fixed rope. Descent to Alpamayo base camp.
  • Climb:  ascent and descent of : 900 m 
  • Technical terrain: ice of 55°. Average time: approx. 8-10 hours
Day 11  Santa Cruz Trek - Huaraz
Early in the morning, we hike back through the Santa Cruz valley. In the afternoon we drive to Huaraz for a well-deserved celebration dinner.
  • ***hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 12  Huaraz
Rest day/reserve at free disposal in Huaraz: colorful Indio market, shopping, etc... Rest & Eat.
  • ***hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 13 • Drive to Huascarán
We drive to Mancos, not far from Huaraz, and ascend to the base camp at 4,250m / 14,000 ft.
  • Drive approx. 2 hours
  • ascent 500 m / 1,640 ft in approx. 2 hours
Day 14  Huascarán ascent
The view from Huaraz is dominated by the mighty Huascarán. Worldwide the highest mountain in the tropical zone, we can now tackle this big mountain destination. Today we climb over moraines up to 5200m (1st camp).
  • ascent 950 m / 3,100 ft in approx. 4 hours
Day 15 • Climb Huascarán
A challenging glacier with crevasses awaits us to climb to the pass between the north and south peaks. There we plan to set up Camp 2 (5850m), the starting camp for the summit ascent. The 90 meters higher south summit (6768m) was often better and safer to reach in the last years so we might prefer it to the north summit. The mountain guides and expedition leader decides with the involvement of the group.
  • ascent 650 m / 2,100 ft in approx. 4 hours
Day 16  Summit Huascarán!
Depending on the conditions, the ascent to the north summit (6655 m.a.s.l.) or south summit (6768 m.a.s.l.) over the Gaganta, the neck between the two summits. The team climbs in alpine rope teams of he 3 to 5 rope partners over the glacier and ice ascent. Very strong mountaineers can climb both peaks if necessary. Depending on the remaining time, we spend the night again in camp 2 during the descent or continue descending.
  • Climb: ascent of 800 m / 2,800 ft
  • Altitude: 6,768 m / 22,205 ft
Day 17  Huaraz
Trekking to Mancos, drive to Huaraz
  • **hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 18  Enjoy Perú
Reserve day (near Huaraz). It remains a day that we can spend in the mountains of the Cordilleras. Cultural visit of the surrounding Inca ruins or small climbing tours on the surrounding rocks. At the request of the group we also travel to the Pacific and spend a relaxing beach day there.
  • **hotel BB - altitude: 3,050 m / 10,000 ft
Day 19  Enjoy Perú
Reserve day (Lima). Today we drive to Lima. Ideally, we still have enough time to visit the Peruvian capital, since 1991 UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hotel ÜN/F.
  • drive approx. 8h, **hotel BB
Day 20  Bye Bye
The earliest day of departure from Lima

Participation - Peru Expedition

Requirements for your participation include very good physical condition and endurance, physical robustness, and good health. Essential is team spirit in setting up camps and in the rope team on the mountain. Experience in independently climbing moderate alpine routes / high tours is required. Experience at altitudes above 5000m is helpful and recommended.

Technical requirements: Secure walking on ice up to 50 degrees (front points) and on fixed ropes. Knowledge of roping and rescue methods (crevasse rescue) on glaciers is assumed.

Physical requirements: Condition for a 10-hour summit ascent is absolutely necessary.

Warning: This expedition is associated with objective and subjective risks. Although we try to conduct the tour as safely as possible through our extensive experience, a high degree of personal responsibility and a healthy risk awareness are necessary. You participate at your own responsibility and risk.

Peru Travel & Notes

In Peru, a friendly travel destination, we can expect a relatively good infrastructure (airport, buses, hotels, visa-free entry).

  • Since May 12, 2023, the regulations and restrictions for entry due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been lifted. There are currently no limitations.
  • The general political situation has calmed down since the unrests in 2023 that followed the December 2022 presidential elections.

General hygiene precautions and safety instructions should be observed during the trip.


UK travel advice for Peru

US state department - advisory for Peru


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Full service
4.950,00 €


Alpamayo & Huascarán Climb - Perú Expedition

05. Aug - 24. Aug 2024

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Flight to Peru: Please contact us if help needed

The flight to Peru, South America, is long. Due to the time difference, you fly from Europe in one long day there and two days on the return flight. A pleasant business-class flight is certainly nice there. The advertised costs of this upgrade refer to the foreseeable costs if booked in time (at least 3 months before departure). If there are additional costs, we will of course discuss these with you before the final flight booking.

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

SummitClimb Peru Add-On (extra 5 days)

Day 1: Cusco

Flight from Lima to Cusco (or arrival until 8:00 pm by other means of transport), transfer to hotel (check-in from 1:00 pm).

Day 2: Chinchero – Moray – Maras – Ollantaytambo

Pick-up in the morning from your hotel in Cusco and start of our adventure in the north of the region. Chinchero is our first place to visit where we meet the local community and visit the Center for Traditional Textiles. We continue with the Archaeological Site of Moray considered an agricultural laboratory of the Incas. We go to the town of Maras to visit the Salt Mines. At Urubamba Town we will have a buffet lunch - Peruvian cuisine. Continuing with our tour we visit the Archaeological Site of Ollantaytambo, which in the time of the Incas was a tambo, meaning a place to rest. After the tour we go to the hotel in Ollantaytambo to spend the night.

Day 3: Start of the Inka Trail: Cusco to Wayllabamba

Very early in the morning we pick you up from the hotel and take you to kilometer 82, where we the Trail begins. The first kilometers are easy to walk. We can enjoy the beautiful view of La Veronica and we walk close to the Vilcanota River until we reach the archaeological complex of Llactapata for lunch. After the meal we continue to our first camp in Wayllabamba where we spend the night after a refreshing dinner.

Day 4: Wayllabamba - Warmiwañusca Pass - Pacaymayo

After a comforting breakfast, we start our second day of trekking, perhaps the most difficult because we have to climb up to the Warmihuañusca pass, at 4,200 meters above sea level. This is the highest point of the Inka Trail, where we will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the snowy mountains that surround the pass. After lunch begins the descent to the valley of Pacaymayo, where we make our second camp.

Day 5: Pacaymayo - Runqurakay - Sayacmarca - Phuyupatamarca - Wiñayhuayna

In the early morning after energetic breakfast, we start the trek. After half an hour we reach the archaeological group of Runqurakay. From this point, the path is paved and in certain places, it reaches up to 2 meters. You can witness the quality of Inca engineering. We visit Sayacmarca, a beautiful architectural complex. We pass through a tunnel to reach the archaeological group of Phuyupatamarka. There the descent begins, along a highly attractive path, with dense vegetation, extremely rich fauna, and flora. We then arrive at Wiñayhuayna to set up our third and last camp.

Day 6: Wiñayhuayna - Sun Gate - Machu Picchu

The big day has arrived !!! After breakfast, we continue the walk to reach Intipunku (Sun Gate) and admire the spectacular sunrise in the lost city of Incas «Machu Picchu». We descend for 1 hour, we enjoy a guided tour of the most important remains (2 hours), then you can explore the mysterious city at your own pace or hike to the Huayna Picchu Mountain (optional and extra cost). We take the bus to the town of Aguas Calientes and return to the city of Cusco.

Day 7: Cusco – Lima – Huaraz

Flight from Cusco to Lima, from where you continue with the Alpamayo & Huascaran expedition to Huaraz.

Itinerary Notice:

Add 5 days: Day 1 / Day 7 are already days of your Peru expedition itinerary (day 2 / day 3), hence this add-on requires 5 additional days regarding your Alpamayo and Huascaran climbing expedition.

Family / Friends can also join this 7-day tour separately. Please ask for your personal Peru package.

Book early: Please request details and availability. We generally need you to book at least 6 months ahead to secure appropriate spots for Machu Pichu.

Services of the Inca Trail 5-day-Add-On


Not Included:

Costs: USD 2050.- per person (sharing double/twin)

Single supplement total (for add-on program): USD 310.-
(hotel USD 130.- / tents USD 180.-)

Costs for a single room in Lima (1 night) and Huaraz (max. 7 nights).

Premium - Peru Expedition

The expedition runs together with the joint expedition, a strong team together on the mountain.

Services, on a shared basis for 2 people:

Cost Premium Service: USD 4,150.- per person

Cost single upgrade of the Premium Service plus USD 2.200.-

Request / Book
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