Safety - Life and Risk in the mountains

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Safety: There's nothing more beautiful than life. That is why safety is our highest priority. You will never be able to eliminate all risks on the mountain, but you can analyze them and keep them to a minimum. That's what we are here for: as mountain guides, as organizers, as expedition leaders. And you as a participant. Because we want one thing: to reach our goal safely.

Highest possible safety in the mountains:
- Self-assessment
- Motivation and objectives
- Top equipment
- Expertise in the mountains
- Organization
- Expedition leader
From active travel with hiking to challenging climbing tours and high altitude mountaineering, you should be aware of the risks of your undertaking. What would life be without the courage to take risks? What risk are you willing to take?

Safety first

In addition to the selection of very experienced expedition leaders, risk minimization includes the exact planning and organization of the expedition, including a rescue chain that can be activated at any time. Good equipment also plays an important role. Most elementary, however, is the critical self-assessment of each participant: Is the goal appropriate given my abilities? Do I feel capable of further advancement? Am I ready to turn back if necessary?
For each tour the participation requirements are stated under "Prepare": We would be happy to advise you and assess your experience and fitness level in relation to your personal goals. If necessary, we can also offer an adapted training and preparation program.
Participation in all SummitClimb expeditions, treks and trips is at your own risk.