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Trekking: There is hardly a more intensive way to travel than to explore distant mountains with backpack and hiking boots. Whether Africa, Asia, Europe or South America - you will benefit from our many years of expertise in the mountains of this world. The peaks of Aconcagua, Elbrus and Kilimanjaro, the landscapes of the Andes, Karakorum and Himalaya - fantastic experiences and our teams are waiting for you. A warm welcome to you!.

Trek worldwide - with Summit experts:

Aconcagua Expedition - Summit Trek

Basic costs from: 2.900,00 €
Ab Fullservicepreis: 4.995,00 €

Baltoro K2 Trek - Karakoram

Ab Fullservicepreis: 4.950,00 €

Volcanoes in Ecuador: Cotopaxi & Chimborazo

Ab Fullservicepreis: 4.995,00 €

Elbrus - Seven Summit Europe - Easy Climb

Ab Fullservicepreis: 99,00 €

Elbrus Traverse - Seven Summits Europe

Ab Fullservicepreis: 99,00 €

Everest Basecamp Nepal

Ab Fullservicepreis: 3.980,00 €

Everest Base Camp - Tibet Trek

Ab Fullservicepreis: 9.250,00 €

Falchen Kangri Trekking

Ab Fullservicepreis: 5.750,00 €

Kilimanjaro Trek - Summit of Africa

Ab Fullservicepreis: 3.550,00 €

Climb Lhakpa Ri - 7,000m Peak Expedition

Ab Fullservicepreis: 25.000,00 €

Morocco Trek - Atlas mountains

Ab Fullservicepreis: 3.150,00 €

Mount Kenya Trekking

Ab Fullservicepreis: 2.750,00 €

Meru & Kilimanjaro - Summit Trekking

Ab Fullservicepreis: 4.995,00 €

Mt. Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro

Ab Fullservicepreis: 6.950,00 €

Ruwenzori Trek - Mountains of the Moon

Ab Fullservicepreis: 3.950,00 €

Summit Climb - Treks

Travel and experience, explore the world, intensely and beautifully - with SummitClimb trekking tours you profit from our many years of experience. We offer you/you:
1. Safety on the mountain and on your journey
2. Unforgettable time with strong teams
3. Summit experiences
Your summit does not have to be Mount Everest. Many prominent mountains are waiting to be climbed as part of a trekking trip: Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Cotopaxi and many more...
Elbrus trekking: Ascent with easy glacier climb, Felix Berg and members on top of Europe.
On top of Elbrus - Summit Trekking

Summit Treks

These trekking tours take you to the summit. The demands range from easy hiking to easy alpine tours on glaciers, in snow and ice, partly with short climbing passages.

  • Elbrus, Russia, Europe – 5642 m
  • Kilimanjaro, Tansania, Africa – 5985 m
  • Cotopaxi, Ecuador, South America – 5897 m
  • Chimborazo, Ecuador, South America – 6368 m
  • Aconcagua, Argentinien, South Anerica – 6962 m
  • Lakpa Ri, Tibet/China, Asia – 7045 m
Aconcagua Trekking: An not so easy hike, expedition to the top of South America, team approaches base camp.
Trek to Aconcagua

Seven Summits: Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro and Elbrus can be climbed as part of our treks. The other four mountains (Mount Everest, Denali, Mount Vinson and Carstensz Pyramid) are more challenging and can be done as a climbing tour / expedition.

Trekking - Exploration

Exploring a distant mountain range on a long hike - this form of trekking trip is rightly very popular and we also have some such destinations ready for you:

  • Atlas Überschreitung mit Eseln – Morocco, Africa
  • Baltoro K2 (Basislager) Trekking – Pakistan, Asis
  • EBC Trek: Everest Base Camp – Nepal, Asia
  • ABC Everest Trek – Tibet/China, Asia
  • Mount Kenya Trek - Kenya, Africa
  • Rwenzori Trek – Uganda, Africa
Three hikers crossing a stream during one of our Mount Kenya Treks.
Team work on Mount Kenya


Trekking - world

Here is our overview to our highlights of treks:

Afrika - Trekking

Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Rwenzori: ... more Details soon.
Morocco:  ... More Details soon.

Trekking in Rwenzori (Congo): huge Senecas and one of our members hiking.
Trek in the mountains of the moon, Rwenzori

Kilimanjaro Treks

To the highest mountain of Africa we have three very well thought out trekking tours on offer. All of them lead to the summit - 5895 m.a.s.l. - a challenge.
I. For the Kilimanjaro Trek we choose the most comfortable and safest route to reach the "roof of Africa". The mountain tour can be combined with a safari or/and beach holiday.
II. we combine the Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro ascents to a beautiful trip within Tanzania including a small exclusive safari in Arusha National Park.
III. we visit and climb the two highest mountains of Africa, Kenya and Tanzania (Mount Kenya Climb optional) in a varied and extensive trip.

Mount Kenya Trek

We explore the second highest mountain of Africa extensively along diverse hiking routes away from the crowds. This trip can be extended on safari, on Kilimanjaro (see above) or on the beaches of Kenya.

Rwenzori Trek

In the heart of Africa, on Uganda's border with the DRC, lie the legendary Mountains of the Moon. This trekking tour (ascent under climbing) takes us there and on wild trails through the third highest mountain range of Africa.

Altlas Trek

During the Morocco Trekking we hike across the Atlas in the footsteps of the Berber tribes, explore foreign cultures and the unique landscape between Sahara and Mediterranean Sea.

Asia Trekking

Experience with us the Asias cultures and the gigantic mountains of the Himalayas and Karakoram. With our expertise in the field of expeditions we are your reliable partner for your trek in Asia.

Discover Nepal: Robert Steiner and a Sherpa in the Khumbu area, Nepal Trek.
Trekking near Mount Everest

Mount Everest - Base Camps

Trek to Mount Everest base camp: a dream for many. There are two EBC (Everest BaseCamp): the one on the north side and the one on the south side. More than 95% of all tourists choose the cheaper option in the south, in Nepal, even though you don't see Mount Everest. We offer both trekking tours along our expedition logistics.
I. EBC - Nepal:
The Mount Everest classic in the tourist-friendly land of the Sherpas is now one of the most popular trekking destinations in the world
II. EBC / ABC - Tibet, China:
The northern side is less well developed for tourists and this EBC trekking takes you to the ABC (Advanched Base Camp) of Mount Everest at 6300m altitude.

Karakorum - Pakistan, Asia

Into the heart of the Karakorum we accompany our expeditions and visit the famous K2 base camp. The Gondogoro La, 5500m pass, will complete this tour if the weather is lucky.

K2, the mighty 2nd highest mountain of the world, clouds playing around the summit.
View of K2 - Baltoro Trek


Elbrus - Summit of Europe

We offer two treks to climb the highest mountain in Europe.
I. The Elbrus normal route offers a good infrastructure and the easiest way to the summit
II. The exciting Elbrus crossing with a scenically varied route is highly recommended.


South America Trekking

For your trip to the mountains of the Andes, we attach great importance to special experiences, an extensive and comprehensive program and reliable organization. Whether Patagonia, the Inca ruins, the Altiplano in Bolivia, the Atacama Desert, our team knows South America very well. Currently we focus on two destinations, the highest mountain of the continent and the volcanoes of Ecuador.

Aconcagua - Summit of South America

To climb the highest mountain of South America, one of the 7-Summits, on the easiest way is the goal of our summit trek.

Cotopaxi & Chimborazo, Ecuador

Hacienda trekking, almost always in the most comfortable accommodations, we go for easy mountaineering in Ecuador - including the two prominent mountains Cotopaxi and Chimborazo.

Hacienda Lodge at the foothills of Chimborazo, Ecuador Trekking.
Hacienda-Lodge in Ecuador

Trekking with SummitClimb

Our Guides: All trips are accompanied by a well-trained local guide familiar with the area. We guarantee our group tours on the announced dates starting from 2 participants: One of our most experienced and best SummitClimb guides will be in charge of the group. You benefit from SummitClimb's wealth of experience and our local contacts. We take care of the entire organization of the trip in advance.

Groups from 6-8 participants: An international leader from the SummitClimb expedition team will lead our groups and accompany the entire trip to ensure a smooth and relaxed process and to offer additional safety reserve. On the way, all organisational tasks are reliably handled by the experienced trekking guides. So you can relax optimally and enjoy a wonderful trip.
Maximum 12 participants: Generally we limit the number of participants. On expeditions we are also accompanied by trekking groups, but then we have two independent organisational strands if there is a high demand. So you can experience in Nepal or Pakistan how our expeditions are realized in an exciting and close way. So we can offer you the "optimum": Sufficient space in the vehicles, a comfortable trekking, a good distribution of costs and the guarantee of individual care by the trekking leader.
On Aconcagua we have groups of up to 24 participants due to the time limit of the season and large requests, but we will assign a guide for every three full-service participants. This key is important for your success at the highest mountain in South America.
Your advantages at a glance:
  • Date security, guaranteed departure dates
  • Super groups and team dynamics
  • Highly experienced and well-rehearsed teams
  • High commitment on the mountain
  • Flexible and individual coordination
  • Expertise from experts
We are looking forward to your request for one of our trekking tours. You are welcome to ask for an individual trek or a destination that we have not yet listed here.
Guide Felix Berg and team on top of Mount Kenya's Trek, Point Lenana.
Felix Berg & Team on Lenan Peak, Mount Kenya