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SummitClimb Kilimanjaro - Karibu Sana on Top of Africa! Kilimanjaro, with its summit of 5,895 m (19,341 ft) height above sea level the highest mountain in Africa is the highest single free-standing mountain in the world and the most popular of the Seven Summits .We climb Kilimanjaro via breathtaking routes and here you will find / find our recommendations to make your challenge transform to a successful and enjoyable ascent with memorable memories. At SummitClimb you benefit from unique value for  your money, superb service and an experienced team in Tansania that creates the perfect adventure travel around your Kilimanjaro climb, the highlight of a beautiful trip to Africa (with possible Safari, Beach, Culture, Active Travel add-ons). SummitClimb & Felix Berg developed their Kilimanjaro operations since 2002 and are a well proven tour operator based in Switzerland with office in Moshi in Tansania. Join us for an unforgettable summit experience on to the top of Africa: Karibu Sana Kilimanjaro - Hearty Welcome to Kilimanjaro!.

Welcome to SummitClimb Kilimanjaro - Top of Africa

Summit Climb - Kilimanjaro

Here you will find general information about Kilimanjaro, climbing and SummitClimb, your top provider for the way to the Top of Africa.

Kilimanjaro - Top of Africa

With SummitClimb you benefit from our unique price-performance ratio: "Kilimanjaro: Best Value & Top Service". Here you will find a lot of general information about the mountain, the routes and Tanzania, but first some more arguments for your Kilimanjaro trip with us:

  • A friendly atmosphere, together safe to the TOP of AFRICA
  • Over 98% success rate to climb Uhuru Peak (5895m), the highest peak
  • Rongai / Umbwe / Lemosho Routes: exciting trekking off the beaten track
  • Three programs to choose from, individual tours on request
  • Variations with Mount Meru, Mount Kenya, Safari and beach holidays
  • Very experienced trekking leaders & guides: Your experienced Summit-Kilimanjaro-Team
  • Seven Summit experts: expertise beyond Kilimanjaro as from Mount Everest and Vinson.
  • Best material, an excellent kitchen and freindly staff
  • 100% guaranteed group departures
With an ideal group size of 8 to 14 participants, an experienced SummitClimb expedition leader will guide our trip. Small groups (up to 7 participants) will be led by an experienced local SummitClimb guide selected and trained by us. Our local helpers include local mountain guides (one for each two guests) and a top chef, together with our Swiss organization create our unique Kilimanjaro experiences.
From all of our Kilimanjaro team: "Karibu Kilimanjaro" - Welcome to Kilimanjaro!
Kilimanjaro Trekking: Yitzhack leading our group on the Mawenzi-Rongai route. Summit Climb Kilimanjaro.
Team ascends Kilimanjaro - guide Yitzhack leads the way.

Kilimanjaro tours

We organize three different Kilimanjaro trekking group tours, each date with 100% guaranteed departure. Here you will find a brief overview of our trips for your Kilimanjaro ascent (and on the respective pages the itinerary, dates, services and much more).

I. Kilimanjaro Trek  (9 days) - the easy climb to the top

Kilimanjaro - Gillman's Point - the easiest ascent with Summit Climb Kilimanjaro
The Kilimanjaro Summit Plateau seen from Gilman's Point

Crossing from north to south: The Rongai-Mawenzi / Kikilewa route leads to the summit in a varied and easy way, the descent takes place via the Marangu Route. We spend the night in high-quality tents, are accompanied by excellent cuisine and choose the most comfortable route. The itinerary offers you perfect acclimatisation and, together with Summit Climb pros, the best chances of success (incl. flight 9-10 days), options for safari and/or beach.More Info to join - Link :

Kilimanjaro Trek

II. Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro (13 days) - 2 summits


Kilimanjaro - Trekkers on the Lemosho Route, Shira Plateau, a special Summit Climb Kilimanjaro tour.
Ascent to the Shiva-Plateau, Lemosho Route, Kilimanjaro

We ascend Mount Meru to be well acclimatized for Kilimanjaro. The Lemosho Route and Western Breach Wall will lead us to the top of Africa, a unique way to climb Kilimanjaro. This itinerary makes sense as inbetween the mountains we  relax on a short safari and are better prepared for the logical exit of the Lemosho route over the Western Breach to Uhuru peak. Link for more Info:

Mount Meru & Kilimanjaro - Tour

III. Mt. Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro (18 days) - great mountain safari

Kilimanjaro - elephants in Amboseli National Park, during our Summit Climb Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro tour - Picture: Felix Berg.
Elefants infront of Kilimanjaro, Amboseli Nationalpark, Kenya

This extensive mountain journey (=Safari on Swaheli) takes you on a finely tuned program including an exclusive Amboseli safari. Beautiful treks lead us to the two highest mountains in Africa: Mount Kenya & Kilimanjaro! We start at the beautiful Mount Kenya, optionally with a climbing tour. After relaxing on safari with the famous elephants of Amboseli before the scenery of Kilimanjaro, we head for an ascent over the Western Breach with our exclusive and well-prepared crater camp. Join our impressive and varied mountain travel through Kenya and Tanzania (18 days). More info:

Mount Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro - the grear tour

IV. Individual trips

The tours listed above are for group sizes of 8-12 participants per expedition leader. Are you a group and would like an individual appointment? Do you / do you want to go to another route?
  • Machame (Coca-Cola) Route - the most popular
  • Marangu (Whiskey) Route - the only hut route
  •  Northern Circuit - lonely long tour.
On request we organize individual Kilimanjaro trips with SummitClimb expedition leaders on individual dates. For smaller groups (less than 8 participants) we have to charge a surcharge because of the cost of the tour guide, or alternatively we carry out the ascent with one of the most experienced local mountain guides trained by us.

Our Kilimanjaro Team

Together on Kilimanjaro: With ideal group sizes of 8 to a maximum of 14 participants, an experienced SummitClimb expedition leader will guide our trip. Small groups (up to 7 participants) are led by experienced local SummitClimb guides who have been selected and trained by us for this task. Our careful local helpers, other local mountain guides, a top chef and our organization create our unique Kilimanjaro adventure tours.

(18 days)

Professionell climber Felix Berg and our team infront of KilimanjaroFelix Berg with some of our members and guides on top of Kilimanjaro. Summit Climb Tansania.
Felix Berg, SummitClimb CEO, with team members on Kilimanjaro

Felix Berg, CEO of SummitClimb, experienced high altitude climber and expedition leader fron Everest and other 8000m peaks, is responsible for the organisation of our and therefore your Kilimanjaro tour. Felix is an excellent expert of East Africa: He lived in Nairobi from 2002 to 2003, speaks Kiswahili, and has been organizing our operations to East Africa ever since. Besides many guided tours of the standard routes on Kilimanjaro, he has left behind difficult first ascents in the rock faces and mountains of Kenya and Tanzania. Felix has meanwhile climbed Kilimanjaro 12 times with guests (status 03.03.2020).

Covid-19 situation for the Kilimanjaro

Status: November 3rd, 2022
Tanzania is open for tourism and all our trips to Kilimanjaro are possible.
All passengers arriving in Tanzania will be:
  1. required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate taken within 96h of arrival (advice: plan 48h in case of flight delays, etc)
  2. complete online traveller’s form within 24h of your arrival. Please follow the link for details:
  3. subjected to enhanced screening for COVID-19 including a mandatory rapid test. The cost for rapid testing is 10 USD per traveller for arrivals in mainland Tanzania and 25 USD for arrivals in Zanzibar
The Government of Tanzania is also implementing temperature scanning for all international passengers arriving into Tanzania and at national park gates.

Kilimanjaro & Covid-19 development

Our first Kilimanjaro ascents since the beginning of the pandemic could be carried out successfully (August, September 2020). Since then in 2021 tours to Kilimanjaro started picking up, and in 2022 have been busy with only a few last-minute spacers left in the winter season 22/23.

Travel to Kilimanjaro: We assume that all tours 2023 can take place. Please check restrictions imposed by Europe / USA (your home country) and availibitily of international flights.

SummitClimb home

Dear climber, our home valley lies in Switzerland so all our information is originally in German. Yet, we are currently translating this page into English! Work is in progress, but please contact us if you are interested in Kilimanjaro. We speak German, English, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and even Mandarin. Interested to climb Kilimanjaro?
We will be happy to assist you.