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We can offer a range of high-quality products for hire for our trips. In the respective segment, these products also act as our recommendations for purchase. We offer discounts on used equipment in good condition. In combination with a travel booking, new products can be ordered at a discount of 20% on the retail price.


personal lists / recommendations:

first aid kit (8000m)

first aid kit  (7000m)

1. sleeping bags

Mountain Equipment - Glacier 500

Stores / Borrowing: - Switzerland, Bern - Kenya, Nairobi
Sizes: SM, REG, XL
Temperature: 2°C comfort / down to -8°C pleasant

Recommendation: This light sleeping bag (1.2 kg total weight) is suitable for trekking tours where temperatures do not drop too much at night, mainly in equatorial plains up to 5000m overnight altitude. The low weight is advantageous for alpine tours with bivouacs.
Use: Elbrus crossing, Mount Kenya, Ruwenzori, Kilimanjaro, Ecuador trekking.

new price base price fee/day
€ 379,- (XL: 419,-) € 20,- € 3,-


Mountain Equipment - Glacier 1000

Stores / Borrowing: - Switzerland, Bern - Kenya, Nairobi
Sizes: SM, REG, XL
Temperature: -8°C comfort / up to -20°C pleasant

Recommendation: Cold sensitive people may want to use this sleeping bag (1.7 kg total weight) on trekking trips up to 5000m. For expeditions the Glacier 1000 can be used as a second sleeping bag for the base camp.
Use: Kilimanjaro (with crater camp, 5600m), Himalaya and Karakorum basecamps.

new price base price fee/day
€ 509,- (XL: 549,-) € 20,- € 4,-


Mountain Equipment - Iceline

Stores / Borrowing: - Switzerland, Bern - Expedition events Chamonix
Sizes: REG
Temperature: - 25°C

Recommendation: This expedition sleeping bag (2kg) is suitable for trips up to 8000m altitude. In the high camp at 8000m expeditions (7000m+ sleeping height) this sleeping bag in combination with down suit or down jacket/trousers is well suitable, if an easy/fast ascent is planned.
Use: Aconcagua, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Pamir, Tien Shan.

new price base price fee/week
€ 799,- (XL: 869,-) € 40,- € 30,-


Mountain Equipment - Everest
Stores / Borrowing: - Switzerland, Bern - Expedition events Chamonix - Kathmandu, Nepal
Sizes: Reg. REG
Temperature: - 40°C
Recommendation: This expedition sleeping bag (2.3kg) is suitable for extremely cold and extreme conditions. In addition to the higher weight, the large pack size (approx. 30l volume) must be considered. At the high 8000m and in the Arctic, the sleeping bag offers a greater reserve and maximum comfort.
Use: Broad Peak, Cho Oyu, Everest, 8000m.
new price base price fee/week
€ 939,- (XL: 999,-) €50,- €30,-


2. clothing

It is recommended to use the onion-shell principle with different layers, which are layered on top of each other to provide warmth and weather protection. Clothing can only be borrowed to a limited extent.
Up to 6000m: On trekking tours we recommend a light rainproof layer and an umbrella in areas with more rainfall. On climbing tours a robust outer layer (Softshell and Hardshell) should be chosen. A light down jacket is recommended for evenings and as an emergency reserve. A down jacket in combination with down trousers and shell principle is a good choice on an expedition at 7000m altitude (Baruntse, Pamir, Tien Shan) as well as on 8000m climbs. From Mountain Equipment:

→ A classic 8000m jacket (robust, relatively heavy) - Annapurna Jacket

→ Modern 7000 and 8000 Jacket (warm, lightweight) - Gasherbrum or K2 Jacket

→ For 8000m expeditions, especially Mount Everest, a down suit is a good choice.

If in stock, we can lend you a jacket (per week approx. €20,- / calculation over the whole period of the trip - both on trekking trips and expeditions).

3. shoes

The fit of the shoes and the fact that they have shrunk is crucial. From Miletus, LaSportiva, Scarpa and Lowa there is a wide range of mountain boots.
For hire, we work with local sports shops on our basic courses and for expedition events, Chamonix Snells offers a wide range of trial and error options.

In Kathmandu you can also buy or order some expedition shoes. Miletus' 8000s shoes are the most common.

4. hardware

We use technical equipment from Chalet Moser / Petzl and Simond for our courses. On most alpine and mountain tours the appropriate equipment should already be part of your personal equipment.