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Alpine Mountaineering form the basis of every expedition mountaineer. For optimal preparation, individual aptitude assessment and last but not least to get to know our expedition leaders and the respective teams, we regularly hold expedition events in the Alps. For individual training, courses and guided tours we have our own mountain school in Switzerland and cooperate with many other mountain schools and mountain guides..

Alps - Expedition Events:

Expedition Event Chamonix

Basic costs from: 495,00 €
Ab Fullservicepreis: 775,00 €

Alps - Alpine Climbs - expedition preparation

Dear climber, our home valley lies in Switzerland so all our information is originally in German. Yet, we are currently translating this page into English! Work is in progress, but please contact us if you are interested in this tour. We speak German, English, French, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Swahili, and even Mandarin. We will be happy to assist you.