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Mount Everest: To stand on top of the world remains one of the most attractive goals to achieve. To climb Everest two routes have established as "normal": the southern ascent from Nepal already used during the first ascent by Hillary and Tenzing in 1953, and the ascent from Tibet over the north ridge. Despite the grown infrastructure, better and better-secured routes and strong support of Sherpas, it is an ultimate challenge and a great adventure to reach the top of Mount Everest. Are you looking for a reliable partner for your climb? - Please find out more.

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Mount Everest

Fascination Everest: Are you looking for the ultimate challenge? - With experienced partners and flexible climbs at fair conditions, SummitClimb is the best expert operator for Mount Everest. First of all, you should inform yourself that you are exactly right with your choice to climb Everest, and on this page, our overview page of Mount Everest you find some more information:

  1. The Climb
  2. Expeditions
  3. Covid-19

To Climb Everest

The ascent of Mount Everest, at 8848 m.a.s.l. the highest mountain in the world is an attractive challenge. As much as the media report about mass tourism on Mount Everest, shocking looking pictures flood the social media: It is and remains a unique experience to stand on the highest mountain in the world! The wide view from the highest mountain in the world! The feeling to stand up there is unbelievable!
Every year we offer two expeditions to Mount Everest (south and north), the 7000m-Challenge at Lakpa Ri / North Col, and treks to the Everest base camps (Nepal and Tibet). SummitClimb is recognized as the premier expedition service at a fair value, with flexible options, great teams, and a superb reputation for enabling you to achieve your summit aspiration.

Impressions of the Climb

Climbing the 2nd step on the Tibetean side - Everest, at approx. 8,600m.Climbing Everest from Nepal: Mountaineer nearing the Hillary step.

(1) Everest Tibet: Northside, 2. Step at 8,610 m. (2) Everest Nepal: Southridge at the Hillary Step at 8,790 m

Mountaineers climb up to Everest North Col, approx. 7000m on Everest, TibetMountaineers on the summit of Mountain Everest, picture from our 2004 climb.
(1) Sherpas acsent to North Col. (2) On the summit of Mount Everest.
Three climbers, one Sherpa on top of the world: Mount Everest, summit.
Mount Everest - 8,848 m (29,029 ft) - Summit!!

Your Everest Ascent - Why with us?

Our experience at Mount Everest goes back to 1991 when Daniel Mazur climbed Mount Everest. Felix Berg, CEO from our Swiss company Summit Travel, has climbed Mount Everest aged 23 years back in 2004, Experience both from the north sides and from the south side of Mount Everest, some of the most experienced guides, sherpas and leaders Logistical know-how, personal commitment, an unbeatable price-performance ratio should make us your choice for Mount Everest.

Mountaineers and tents at Everest High Camp 1 on North Col, TibetTwo mountaineers during their ascent of Everest with oxygen sets.
(1) Our Camp at Northcol. (2) Climbers fully equiped.
Two Sherpa fighting the weather, storm in the mountains.
Jangbu and Ningma - two of our relaible sherpas


Two routes have established as "normal" to climb Mount Everest: the southern ascent from Nepal, already used during the first ascent by Hillary and Tenzing in 1953, and the northern ascent from Tibet (China).

Everest Expedition North - Tibet/China

Everest, Tibet, China: 3 mountaineers infront of the north face.
Mount Everest, Tibet, China.
Mystical Tibet, and the less frequented route: The approach up around 5,000 meters (16,500 feet) altitude is fast by road. With two base camps, the road camp at 5,100m (16,730 ft) and advanched base camp, the ABC, at 6,300m (20,700 ft) the starting point of the climbing route is high. Compared to the southern ascent, with the Khumbu Icefall and the avalanches of the Lhotse flank, the ascent over the north ridge is objectively less dangerous. However, the summit ascent from the last camp  at 8,300 m (27,230 ft) is technically demanding and leads over three steep steps. The passage between the 1st and 2nd step around 8,600 m (28,250 ft) is very exposed. After the 3rd step a final snow fields and a short rocky section on the northern side lead you to the top of the world. Please find more information on:
Everest Tibet - Expedition

Everest Expedition South - Nepal

Everest: View from Gorak Shep, Nepal (c) Felix Berg
Mount Everest, Nepal, seen from Kala Patthar.

Follow in the footsteps of the 1. ascent: The slow ascent through the green Khumbu valley offers a nice and good acclimatization. The route of the ascent starts just above the base camp at 5,700 meters altitude with the infamous Khumbu Icefall, a good test and training for the climb. The normal route from Nepal is longer and objectively more dangerous, but technically less demanding than the northern ascent. It is particularly suitable for climbers who are technically less experienced. The summit ascent from the South Col at almost 8,000m (26,000 ft) height is long and exposed. After the South Summit, you climb the famous '"Hillary Step" to stand on top of the world. Please find more information on:

Everest Nepal - Expedition

Here is the brief overview between expeditions from Nepal (South) and expeditions from Tibet (North):

          Mount Everest - North / South

NEPAL - South TIBET (CHINA) - North
6,416 ascents (64%)   3,661 ascents (38%)
135 with SummitClimb 152 with SummitClimb
+ Technically easier
+ Higher summit rate
+ Safer route
+ Less mountaineers
Mountaineers during the ascent, view from the south summit: Hillary Step and the summit of Everest.Three mountaineers in the Western Cym after their Everest ascent, glacier and Lhotse, the mountain.
Everest, Nepal: Hillary Step, Western Cym.

Covid-19 for Mount Everest

Status: Jan 14th, 2021

Here you can also find information about our COVID-19-evaluation for Nepal and Tibet. We are preparing our 2021 and 2022 expeditions and will gladly accept your request. Mount Everest is on the border of China with Nepal and accordingly look at the development for those two countries.

Nepal: OK


  • Entry is possible with negative Covid-19 test

  • There is a 6-day mandatory quarantine in Kathmandu

  • Test on the 5th day, in case of negative result the continuation of expedition

Situation in Nepal: There has been transmission of COVID-19 in all 77 districts of the country with the epidemic centered around Kathmandu. Sufficient testing capacity is a good sign for Nepal. Current numbers:

  • 266,546 covid cases

  • 260,177 recovered, 1,943 deaths.

  • 2 million tests have been done

Official Assessments: Nepal is not assessed as a risk area by Switzerland (DFA).

Tibet (China): Closed

Outlook: Currently no entry is possible (only with at least 2 weeks quarantine, PCR test) and permits are not issued. A positive change for the Everest season 2021 is rather unlikely.

Everest 2020 

Expeditions cancelled: Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all expeditions to Mount Everest 2020 and Everest trekking trips have been cancelled for spring 2020 (on March 3 for Tibet, on March 12 for Nepal). Our autumn 2020 trekking season and our 2021 expedition season are filling up. Many participants who wanted to climb Everst or trek to base camp with us in 2020 are still with us.

In 2020, three winter expeditions were underway, all without summit success. A still ongoing Chinese expedition with the goal of re-measuring Mount Everest with 5G technology had reached an altitude of approx. 8600 meters during their 1st summit attempt. They had to turn back in strong winds.

Summits: On 27 May 2020, at 11:00 local time, 8 participants of the Chinese surveying expedition reached the summit. On CGTN, a Chinese media network, their ascent was broadcast live in HD quality using 5G Huawei technology. The day before, a Tibetan team had installed fixed ropes and reached the summit. And on May 28, Chinese tourists were at the summit with Sherpas from Tibet. In total, there were around 50 mountaineers on the summit in 2020: Congratulations!

Please inquire now, we are planning a special expedition in the post-monsoon season: Sept. - Oct. 2020.

Everest soon...

Dear climber, our home valley lies in Switzerland so all our information is originally in German. Yet, we are currently translating this page into English! We started with some important information. Soon more information to Mount Everest will be here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.