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Carstensz Pyramid - Seven Summits

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SummitClimb Puncak Yaya, the Seven Summits specialist :
+ Exotic expedition to Papua, Indonesia
+ Oceania, one of the 7 Summits
+ Transparent organisation

Technical skills: Hiking


Technical scale in climbing (in rock, mostly alpine) in relation to our climbing trips and expeditions:
1 - easy / beginners
2 - little difficult
3 - medium difficulty
4 - difficult / advanced
5 - extreme

Stamina - Endurance

A mountain athlete needs endurance above any other specific fitness skill. Cardiovascular fitness is of course always subject to the movement (as climbing rocks or steep ice, you will not be able to transfer your triathlete or running fitness to mountains without being solid in the required mountaineering skills).

1 - Active Tour
Easy treks to EBC or on top of Kilimanjaro. You should be an active person.
2 - Sportive Tour
More demanding treks, simple climbs, like the climb of Elbrus. You should be a sportive person regularly exercising (at least 2-3x per week).
3 - Demanding Trek / Expedition
Very demanding treks like to the top of Aconcagua, or expeditions at the physical lower level like Ama Dablam. You should be an endurance athlete wit mountaineering experience. You should train endurance at least 3x/week.
4 - High Endurance - Expedition
To climb Everest (with oxygen-support) or some of the "easier" 8000m peaks you need a strong endurance. You should train specifically at least 4-5x per week.
5 - Very high Endurance - Expedition
Some of our special self-supported 8000m+ peak climbs as on Makalu, or to climb Everest (without oxygen-support) fit into this category. Your endurance should be near the level of a professional mountain athlete. 

Similar Climbs and Treks - Overview:

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SummitClimb Puncak Jaya - Carstensz Pyramid

Selected dates:

Full service:
12.750,00 €

Airport of departure:

ab/bis Jakarta (eigene Anreise, nur inkl. Hin-und-Rückflug nach Timika)

We are one of the most successful expedition operators on Carstensz Pyramid. Many of our tours have been carried out 100% as advertised. Transparency is very important to us, so here are some important tips:

Possible cancellation of expedition

Due to the political uncertainties on Papua, especially high in the region around Carstensz Pyramid, there is an increased risk that the tour has to be cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances. In that case, costs already incurred (flight bookings, permit and planning costs) are at your expense as a participant.

Modifications at your expense

It is possible that we are already in Indonesia and our expedition can only be carried out with some changes (including cancelation of the Carstensz-climb). If this means that additional services that are not advertised are required, such as extra helicopter flight, other domestic flights, then you may have to pay the additional costs.

Carstensz Pyramid - services

  • Organization of the entire expedition
  • Expedition leader (min. 6 participants)
  • Guide for the ascent
  • Permits required by police, military, the Indonesian ministries
  • Airport transfers on Jakarta
  • 2 x Accommodation in Jakarta: overnight stays with breakfast
  • Scheduled flight Jakarta to Timika and back (economy, flex)
    - 30kg free baggage allowance and hand baggage
  • 3 x Hotel in Timika, Komora Hotel with full board
  • Charter flight from Timika to Meren Lakes / Yellow Valley (Heli In and OUT)
  • Base Camp Service
    - 7 x overnight stay in a double tent during the trekking and in the base camp
    (alternative in case of delay: extra nights in Timika)
    - 3 meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch or lunch, dinner)
    - coffee, tea and warm drinks mornings/evenings
  • group material (tents, food, etc.)
  • Emergency equipment

Not included: 

  • Personal equipment
  • Meals on Bali (we usually go out together)
  • Private expenses, such as alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, snacks, telephone calls, etc.

Carstensz Expedition - Itinerary

The travel plan is subject to flexible and spontaneous changes.

Note on changes and implementation: The political uncertainties in Papua, especially high in the region around Carstensz Pyramid, mean that there is an increased risk that the itinerary may have to be changed due to extraordinary circumstances. The bureaucratic obstacles on site (such as registration with police and military), the security situation around the Freeport/Grasberg mine, and last but not least flight operations in tropical weather (rain, storms) can lead to unavoidable delays or changes. Our ideal possible plan is as follows:

Day 1 • Timika, Papua - Indonesia
Arrival in Jakarta. Welcome by our representative and transfer to the hotel. Completion of important formalities for the travel permit. Rest of the day at leisure. Hotel, B&B

Day 2 • Timika, Papua - Indonesia
We have to prepare some formalities for the police in Timika, Final preparations for the expedition. In the afternoon, joint preparation of the charter flight. Hotel B&FB.

Day 3 • Timika, Papua - Indonesia
Reserve day to finalize formalities.

Day 4 • Timika – Meren lakes
In the morning, transfer to the air field (helicopter) or drive through Freeport/Grassberg mine to the Zebra wall to reach the lower Meren lakes, also known as Grassberg Danau (Danau means lake in Indonesian) at the bottom of the so-called "Yellow Valley". Camping, dinner, and breakfast.

Day 5 • Timika – Meren lakes - Base Camp
Additional day for flying. A short walk up the "Yellow Valley" leads us to a sport, where we set up our base camp in the area of the middle Meren lake, the starting point for all tours. Camping, full board.

Day 6 • Carstensz base camp & acclimatization
Full day at the base camp. Today we can walk around, do short hikes around Meren lakes or up to the New Zealand base, explore the higher moorlands, or just rest to get used to the altitude. We prepare for the Carstensz climb. Camping, full board.

Day 7 • Carstensz Climb
Summit day: we climb to the top of the Carstensz pyramid!

Day 8 • Climb / extra day
This is a reserve day for our Carstensz ascent, or we can explore other mountains or go for a trek in the highlands.

Day 9 • Climb / extra day
This is a reserve day for our Carstensz ascent, or we can explore other mountains or go for a trek in the highlands.

Day 10 • Climb / extra day
This is a reserve day for our Carstensz ascent, or we can explore other mountains or go for a trek in the highlands.

Day 11 • Back to Timika
Either by a short walk past the Zebra wall to the road or by helicopter charter, we reach back to Timika.

Day 12/13 • Timika / extra day
Full reserve day in Timika. Hotel B/FB in Timika if needed.

Day 14 • Timika - Departure
In the morning transfer to the airport and flight to Jakarta (or extension on Papua). Transfer to the hotel and the rest of the day at leisure.

Welcome to our Carstensz Heli-In-Out Expedition. Here you find information about the requirements to join and what to expect.

General conditions

Climbing, rock, alpine, humid, occasionally snow and ice


+30°C to - 10°C / with wind chill factor to - 15°C

Travel documents/visa:

Most citizens (169 countries, as of 2018) can enter Indonesia without a visa for tourism for up to 30 days. Passport, valid for at least 6 months from the start of the trip.

The registration should be done at least 3 months before the start of the trip to obtain the necessary Papua permits.


For the highlands of Papua, there is currently no compulsory vaccination. Vaccination against hepatitis, polio, and tetanus is recommended.

Full vaccination against Covid-19 (3 doses) is required for entering Indonesia without quarantine and for all domestic traveling throughout Indonesia.

Equipment / Material

Please check our list (attached PDF-File) for the necessary personal equipment.

Participation - Puncak Jaya Expedition

Requirements for the ascent are the necessary climbing skills and a good physical condition. You should have experience in alpine multi-rope routes up to IV grade UIAA (French 4a) and experience in trekking. Giving up comfort, flexibility, and tolerance are also necessary for this expedition/climbing trip.

Technical requirements: Climbing - experience in belaying techniques, climbing on fixed ropes, independent abseiling, and climbing skills up to UIAA grade IV (climbing as a second) are necessary. The normal route leads over about 700m, mostly with easy climbing in grades II to III to the exposed summit ridge.

Physical requirements: The ascent of Carstensz (summit day) will take 6-8 hours. You should have the appropriate fitness and mountain experience.

Safety Information Papua & Indonesia

Currently (as of July 19, 2021) the Covid 19 situation is catastrophic. We are not planning to do this expedition until 2022 at the earliest.

Situation in Indonesia

The testing rate is so low that almost 1/3 of all tests come back positive. Nevertheless, new infections are even ahead of India or Brazil in absolute numbers. The official rate of approx. 1000 deaths/day is highly underestimated as there are no statistics in rural areas and post mortem tests are uncommon even in urban areas. Currently, the medical system is overwhelmed, many patients do not even get admission to health centers. The Indonesian variant of the virus is believed to be Delta but possibly a new one, and affects all age groups. Less than 5% of the population is vaccinated and there is no improvement in sight.

Travel to Indonesia

Visa-free entry has been suspended since the Covid 19 pandemic. As of July 6, 2021, all international travelers are required to have a full vaccination (and PCR test) and an 8-day quarantine in a government-approved hotel. As of July 3, full vaccination is also required for all transportation within the islands of Indonesia (Java, Bali, Papua). Actually, the entry would be possible with a previously applied "visitor visa" but we would have to: a) add about 10 days to our program, b) be aware that restrictions could tighten.

Return travel from Indonesia will also be subject to restrictions: For the UK, Indonesia is on a red list as of today, July 19 (advice against all travel).

Outlook and evaluation

We think the Covid-19-situation in Indonesia will get worse before it gets better, and currently, Indonesia is probably the highest risk country in the world in regard to the pandemic. Even with a peak in early August, it will take at least 3 months for the situation to calm down (Nov. 2021), and only then will the Indonesian government decide whether to ease restrictions. We do not believe Indonesia will relax its quarantine and intra-Indonesian travel rules before the end of 2021.

Carstensz Expedition 2022

We have decided to block all tours until the end of 2021 (it is fully marked on the website), and start the first expedition in February 2022.


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SummitClimb Puncak Jaya - Carstensz Pyramid

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