Together with our Summit experts:
+ Mount Kenya: The "Matterhorn" of Africa with impressive & wild landscapes
+ Amboseli: National Park with huge herds of elephants and views of Kilimanjaro
+ Kilimanjaro: To the summit via the Umbwe Route away from mass tourism

Technical skills: Hiking

Stamina - Endurance

A mountain athlete needs endurance above any other specific fitness skill. Cardiovascular fitness is of course always subject to the movement (as climbing rocks or steep ice, you will not be able to transfer your triathlete or running fitness to mountains without being solid in the required mountaineering skills).

1 - Active Tour
Easy treks to EBC or on top of Kilimanjaro. You should be an active person.
2 - Sportive Tour
More demanding treks, simple climbs, like the climb of Elbrus. You should be a sportive person regularly exercising (at least 2-3x per week).
3 - Demanding Trek / Expedition
Very demanding treks like to the top of Aconcagua, or expeditions at the physical lower level like Ama Dablam. You should be an endurance athlete wit mountaineering experience. You should train endurance at least 3x/week.
4 - High Endurance - Expedition
To climb Everest (with oxygen-support) or some of the "easier" 8000m peaks you need a strong endurance. You should train specifically at least 4-5x per week.
5 - Very high Endurance - Expedition
Some of our special self-supported 8000m+ peak climbs as on Makalu, or to climb Everest (without oxygen-support) fit into this category. Your endurance should be near the level of a professional mountain athlete. 


Similar Climbs and Treks - Overview:

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Mt. Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro

Selected dates:

Full service:
7.925,00 €

Airport of departure:

Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, München, Stuttgart oder Wien.

Mount Kenya Climb: The ascent of Nelion / Batian is part of the program. However, the mountain guide for the ascent must be booked in addition - a worthwhile goal for all climbers who master UIAA grade IV climbing techniques (as a second)  - see Upgrades.

Booking is possible with flight as "all inclusive" (full service) or without flight (with discount) - please ask for the respective date.

Discounts for expats / locals: travelers from East Africa (citizens or residents) can participate at a reduced rate due to the lower National Park fees and are welcome to inquire about prices for a package from Nairobi to Moshi.

Mount Kenya, Safari & Kilimanjaro - Services

  • Organization and leadership:
    - smaller groups with 2-7 participants led by one of our experienced Kenyan guides
    - larger groups with 8-12 participants led by SummitClimb expedition leader, accompanied by Kenyan guides
  • International flight to/from Nairobi
    - departure from various European airports
    - min. 30kg free baggage allowance for check-in and hand baggage
  • All national park fees:
    - 5x US$ 65 per day per person at Mt.Kenya
    - 2x US$60 per person per day in Amboseli National Park
    - 6x US$115 per person per day on Kilimanjaro
    - Fees for all vehicles
  • 2 nights (double room) in Nairobi, hotel with breakfast
  • 2 nights (double room) in ***Lodge (Centrium) in Amboseli
  • 2 nights (double room) in Moshi, hotel with breakfast
  • Airport transfers in Kenya and Tanzania
  • Transfers to and from Mount Kenya in private vehicle
  • Safari 4x4 vehicle (minibus) for the Amboseli Safari
  • Shuttle Transport Namanga-Moshi-Nairobi (or private vehicle)
  • Transfers to Umbwe Gate and from Machame Gate on Kilimanjaro
  • All group equipment for the trekking on the mountain:
    - kitchen tent, kitchen, cutlery and plates
    - group tent 
    - overnight stays on the mountain in a 2-person tent (as an option single tent possible)
  • Complete catering during the trekking on the mountain:
    - experienced cook and kitchen team
    - three meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)
    - boiled water in the evening and in the morning
  • Team of porters for the group material and catering
  • Personal porter for your luggage (max. 15kg per person)
  • Local mountain guide from the KWS rescue team at Mount Kenya for the group
  • Professional safari guide driver for Amboseli Safari
  • Local KiNaPa certified mountain guide on Kilimanjaro per 2 participants
  • Medical equipment, full first-aid kit

 Not included: 

  • Personal equipment
  • Private expenses (such as telephone calls, alcoholic beverages, snacks, gifts etc.)
  • Travel insurance (health, accident, travel cancellation)
  • Visa fees for Kenya and Tanzania (US$ 50.- each)
  • Tips

Mount Kenya, Safari & Kilimanjaro - Itinerary

Day 1 • Arrival in Kenya 
Individual departure from various European airports. Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta Airport: You will be picked up at the airport and driven to our hotel. If you arrive in the evening, you spend the night at the hotel (B&B). If you fly at night, you arrive in Kenya the next morning and drive to the hotel.

Day 2 • Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a booming metropolis and business city. The remaining time can be used for sightseeing in Nairobi or purchases (snacks, etc.). Near Nairobi, several places invite us to visit: Lukenya is well suited for experiencing nature, seeing the first wild animals and climbing. In the Riftvalley there are Massai villages we can see. After this free orientation day we meet together for dinner and discuss the further plan in detail. Hotel accomodation with breakfast.

Day 3 • Drive to Mount Kenya
After breakfast we drive to Mount Kenya. We choose the best route for you depending on the season!
a.) Chogoria - Naro Moru Route: at winter dates (Dec.-Mar.)
An almost 4-hour drive brings us to Chogoria. There we meet our porters and have lunch. We continue the adventurous journey into the national park with Land Rover vehicles with 4x4 drive and if the road conditions are good, to the Chorgoria Lodge. There our team sets up the 1st camp. If the road conditions are bad, we walk the last part (approx. 5 km, 1½h) to the Chogoria Lodge (approx. 3000m). Overnight in tent / Full board.
b.) Sirimon - Chogoria Route: at summer dates (Jun-Sept.)
A 4 hour drive brings us to Nanjuki, from there we drive along the Sirimon Route to the entrance gate (2600m). Depending on the road conditions, we continue by car or hike along the road to Old Moses Camp (approx. 3300m). Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 4 • Mount Kenya Trekking
a. Winter) A short hike, first along an old road, then along a small path, leads through afro-alpine slopes to the first camp (3500m) at Lake Ellis. If the group feels strong, we can also go directly to Lake Michaelson (planned for the next day) for a rest and exploration day. Overnight stay in tents / Full board.
b. Summer) We hike over a 4000m pass into Mackinders Valley, where we set up camp at the crumbling Teleki Hut (3980m). Alternatively, we can walk directly to Shipton's Camp. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 5 • Mount Kenya Trekking
a. Winter) We hike through the breathtaking Nithi Gorge, to Lake Michaelson, which lies in the middle of the impressive Chogoria Gorge. Overnight stay in the tent camp near the lake (3900m). Overnight in tent / Full board.
b. Summer) We go up to the next camp at Shipton's Hut (4200m, official statement: 4236m) at the foot of the main peaks with a view of Mount Kenya north faces. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 6 • Mount Kenya Trekking - ascent of Point Lenana (4985m)
a. Winter) We ascend through the Chogoria Gorge, below a 300m high impressive wall called "Temple", then we go up directly to Point Lenana at 4985m - the highest trekking mountain of the Mount Kenya massif. We go down to the Austrian Hut (4800m), where our team is waiting with a small meal and after a break descend into the Teleki Valley to the camp at MackKinder's Hut. Overnight in tent / Full board.
b. Summer) A highlight of our trekking trip: the circumnavigation of Nelion and Batian (5200m), the breathtaking main peaks of Mount Kenya, including the ascent of Point Lenana! The 6 to 8 hour hike gives impressive views of up to 700m high walls of Mount Kenya. From Shipton's camp we go up to Point Lenana (4985m) and descend into the Teleki Valley to Mackinder Hut, then via Hausberg Pass (4750m) back to Shipton's Hut. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Participant jumping over a river at Mount Kenya (Photo: SummitClimb & Felix Berg)Mount Kenya Camp in the Chogoria Gorge by full moon (Photo: SummitClimb & Felix Berg)
Teamwork on Mount Kenya, SummitClimb tent in the Chogoria Gorge.

Day 7 • Mount Kenya Trekking
a. Winter) Another trekking highlight of our trip: the circumnavigation of Nelion and Batian (5200m) - the breathtaking main peaks of Mount Kenya! The 6-hour hike gives impressive views of the up to 700m high walls of Mount Kenya. The loop passes Point Lenana (4985m), which can be (re)climbed in an additional 1-2 hours.
b. Summer) A day of rest and exploration around Shipton's Hut (4200m). There are many places to visit: small lakes, a hike to the start of the climbing routes, the site of the discovery of an elephant Icy Mike at 4400m above sea level. But also a rest day before the long descent of the Chogoria route the next day makes sense. This is also a reserve day for the Lenana ascent. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 7 • Option: Mount Kenya Climb
Climbers can climb the main peaks of Nelion & Batian
a.) The ascent via the SE standard route (normal route in winter) to Nelion, then via Gate of the Mists to Batian. Starting point: Austrian Hut or Mackinder's Camp.
b.) The ascent takes place via the N-standard route (normal route in summer) directly to Batian. Starting point: Shipton's Hut.
Further information under: Climbing -> Mount Kenya Climb.

Day 8 • Mount Kenya Trekking
a. Winter) Descent via the Naro Moru route to Met Station (Meteorological Station, 3048m).
b. Summer) Descent via the Chogoria Route to the Chogoria Bandas (2950m).
Our pick-up truck will pick us up at the top of the slope when road conditions are good, so that we don't have to walk along these rather unattractive roads. In wet conditions the path can be impassable even with the best 4x4. Then we have to walk towards the vehicle. Afterwards, we drive to Nairobi to a comfortable hotel for a warm shower and a cosy dinner (B&B). 

Day 9 • Amboseli Safari
Drive to Amboseli National Park. We arrive at the lodge for lunch. After a short rest, the game drive follows in the late afternoon. You will experience an animal safari with the chance to observe twilight-active animals, such as hyenas, and perhaps a magnificent African sunset. Overnight stay in a beautiful safari lodge, the Sentrim Lodge. Full board.

Safari: Amboseli Elephants and Kilimanjaro (c) Felix Berg Barranco Camp at night (c) SummitClimb Kilimanjaro - Julian Beermann
Amboseli Safari: elephants and Kilimanjaro. Barranco Camp: night camp at Kilimanjaro.

Day 10 • Amboseli Safari
Morning and afternoon game drive with some rest from the heat and lunch at the lodge. Amboseli Park is famous for its large herds of elephants, which romp around in front of Kilimanjaro and in the swamp. We can also observe many other animals such as zebras, wildebeests, buffalos, Maasai giraffes and with some luck lions. If you wish, you can visit a Masai village at your own expense.  We spend the evening in the lodge - on a clear day with a view of Kilimanjaro. Sentrim Amboseli Lodge. Full board.

Day 11 • Amboseli Safari
At 07.00, after breakfast and check out at 7.30 we start the trip to Tanzania. We drive 22 km from the lodge on natural road, mostly relatively good (it was rebuilt in January 2019) with good views of Kilimanjaro, occasionally giraffes and elephants, then on tarred road to Loitokitok (about 1.5 hours driving time). Border crossing and in a Tanzanian vehicle we circumnavigate Kilimanjaro and drive east to Moshi (about 3 hours drive). Overnight in a hotel (B&B).

Day 12 • Kilimanjaro Trekking
After a leisurely breakfast we drive to the park entrance where our porters sort out the material for the ascent and we get to know our Kilimanjaro team. The hike through dense jungle leads us to the Cave Camp at 2700m altitude. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 13 • Kilimanjaro Trekking
A hike through an afro-alpine flora with 'Giant Heather' leads to the Barranco camp (3900m) below the mighty Breach Wall of Kilimanjaro. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 14 • Kilimanjaro Trekking: decision about the route
On this day we (or the evening before - the Summit Climb trekking leader) decide on the route to the summit. In good conditions we will ascend via the Western Breach and traverse the mountain. In bad conditions, we have to switch to the Machame Route. For the Western Breach Route we continue our ascent to the Lawa Tower (approx. 4700m). Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 15 • Kilimanjaro ascent
Ascent over the Western Breach Wall: technically easy boulder terrain and gravel slopes lead to the crater rim of Kilimanjaro at 5650m altitude, where we set up camp at the crater and spend the night. Less well-acclimatized participants can also take a rest day and ascend the next day. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Day 16 • Kilimanjaro Summit!
The ascent to the summit, Uhuru Peak (5895m), from the crater camp takes only 1-2 hours. The descent via the Mweka route to Millenium Camp (4000m) takes about 6-8 hours. If you are in good physical condition, we will explore the summit plateau extensively. Overnight in tent / Full board.

Kilimanjaro Summit 2014 - (c) Julian BeermannReusch Crater on Kilimanjaro (c) Julian Beermann
Summit team with our IVBV mountain guide Julian Beermann: in September 2014 at Uhuro Peak (main summit, 5895m) and with a view at the Reusch crater at a neighbouring summit (approx. 5880m).

Day 17 • Kilimanjaro Trekking
Descent via the Mweka Hut (3100m) to the park exit (1900m), drive to the Impala Hotel in Moshi and joint farewell dinner, awarding of certificates and summit celebration. Overnight in a hotel (B&B).

Day 18 • Tanzania / Kenya
This day also serves as reserve day. Possibilities for shopping for souvenirs and gifts, sightseeing and relaxation. Return flight from Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO).

-> If you wish, we are happy to organize your travel extension in East Africa (Zanzibar or Safari). 

Day 19 • Flight back home
Flight and arrival back home.





The programs for summer and winter are listed separately becasue the schedule varies according to the weather conditions.

Every participant needs the personal equipment recommended by us.  


Mt.Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro - Preparation

Requirements: Although Kilimanjaro is almost 6,000 meters high, you don't need any mountaineering skills to climb it. A good physical fitness, average physical condition and a strong will are sufficient to reach the summit. The daily trekking at Mount Kenya takes 3-5 hours, at the Point Lenana crossing 6-8 hours. At Kilimanjaro we expect 3-5 hours daily, on summit day 6-10 hours for the ascent and another 4-6 hours for the descent. With Crater Camp the long summit day is divided into two days: 5-8 hours ascent on the first day, 1-2 hours ascent and the descent on the second day.

Climbing Mount Kenya (optional): A good physical condition for a climb of up to 14 hours, safe handling while abseiling, as well as solid climbing skills in UIAA grade IV (as a second climber) are necessary.  


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Full service
7.925,00 €


Mt. Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro

10. Aug - 28. Aug 2024

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Kenya Climbing Guide

On Mount Kenya, you can choose between trekking and climbing:

More detailed information can be found at Climbing > Mount Kenya. 

Our local guides are trained by us and know the standard route very well. However, they are not trained to the level of an IAMGA/IVBV mountain guide (e.g. somewhat slower in rope handling). If you are interested in being guided by one of our international climbing experts, please contact us via form, email, or phone.

Requirements - Mount Kenya climb: 

Service on the Climb:


Note: Trekking guides accompany the trip and of course, you can participate in the trekking without this climbing guide. In case of joint registration, independent rope teams are welcome to climb Mount Kenya without a guide.

Single Room Mt. Kenya & Safari & Kilimanjaro 

On this 19-day trip, we will stay in hotels a few times and in Amboseli National Park in a safari lodge. This upgrade includes all single supplements for all of these nights.

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