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Elbrus: Climb & Ski - Expedition


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Elbrus - Seven Summit

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Summit of Europe, Elbrus with skis:
+ Our shortest expedition
+ Ski tour at over 5600 meters altitude
+ Seven Summits ascent with skis
+ Experienced mountain and ski guides

Ski Mountaineering (SkiMo)

Stamina - Endurance

A mountain athlete needs endurance above any other specific fitness skill. Cardiovascular fitness is of course always subject to the movement (as climbing rocks or steep ice, you will not be able to transfer your triathlete or running fitness to mountains without being solid in the required mountaineering skills).

1 - Active Tour
Easy treks to EBC or on top of Kilimanjaro. You should be an active person.
2 - Sportive Tour
More demanding treks, simple climbs, like the climb of Elbrus. You should be a sportive person regularly exercising (at least 2-3x per week).
3 - Demanding Trek / Expedition
Very demanding treks like to the top of Aconcagua, or expeditions at the physical lower level like Ama Dablam. You should be an endurance athlete wit mountaineering experience. You should train endurance at least 3x/week.
4 - High Endurance - Expedition
To climb Everest (with oxygen-support) or some of the "easier" 8000m peaks you need a strong endurance. You should train specifically at least 4-5x per week.
5 - Very high Endurance - Expedition
Some of our special self-supported 8000m+ peak climbs as on Makalu, or to climb Everest (without oxygen-support) fit into this category. Your endurance should be near the level of a professional mountain athlete. 

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Elbrus: Climb & Ski - Expedition

Selected dates:

Full service:
99,00 €

Airport of departure:

Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, München oder Wien (EU)

Elbrus Ski expedition - costs & services

Services included in the Elbrus ski touring trip:
  • Flights to Mineralnye Vody (MRV) and back from various European airports:
    - Economy, most likely Aeroflot
    - 20kg baggage allowance plus ski luggage
  • Airport transfers Mineralnye Vody
  • 1x night in a hotel in Mineralny Vody (overnight stay / half board)
  • Transfers according to program
  • 2x cable car fees
  • On the mountain full board with water, warm drinks and three warm meals a day
  • 3x overnight stays in ***hotels in Treskol, Azau
  • Overnight stays in a comfortable hut on the Elbrus, group camp
  • Local mountain guide
  • State certified mountain and ski guide (IVBV) from 6 participants
  • Extensive emergency pharmacy and medical equipment
  • Satellite phone

Not included are:
  • Personal equipment
  • Expenses of a personal nature (telephone, alcoholic beverages, snacks, gifts, etc.)
  • Travel insurance (health, accident and cancellation insurance)
  • Visa fees for Russia (you will receive an invitation)
  • Tips

Elbrus Ski Mountaineering - itinerary

Days 1-2 •  Travel to Elbrus
Individual flight to Mineralnye Vody. Airport transfer, if a necessary overnight stay in ***hotel and breakfast. From Mineralnye Vody we drive together by bus through the Caucasian foothills to the Elbrus Valley in Azau. Overnight stay in ***hotel, dinner together, and getting to know the Elbrus team.
Day 3 • Terskol: Ski tour / Ski Plus
The slopes around the skiing area Terskol-Cheget at Elbrus offer some options for Ski Plus. The lift brings us to the station Cheget 3 (3000m) and from there you can climb Cheget Peak (3600m).


Day 4 • Ski Ascent of Elbrus
Today we reach the highest point of the ski area by cable car via the station Mir (3470m) and a chair lift. Now we catch up and after about one hour we reach our accommodation for the next days, the Blue Hut at 3850m. For better acclimatization we ascend in the afternoon with light luggage to the Prijut Hut (4200m) and then descend to the Blue Hut for dinner.
Day 5 • Ski Ascent to Elbrus
Today we allow our bodies one more important day for acclimatization. Passing the Prijut hut we ascend to the Pastuchov rocks (ca. 4700m). Depending on the condition of the participants, we use crampons to climb up to 5000m before we enjoy the descent to the Blue Hut.
Day 6 • Elbrus ski ascent
Still in the night, we set off to master the long ascent to the highest point of Europe. Over the Pastuchov Rocks, which we know by now, we ascend first north, then northwest to reach the saddle between the two Elbrus peaks at about 5300m. From here we ascend to the higher western summit (5642 m). Step by step we fight our way forward to finally reach the highest point in Europe together. After an extensive summit rest and a spectacular panoramic view of the wild landscape of the Caucasus follows a gigantic ski descent of over 2000 meters in altitude.

Day 7-8 • Elbrus - extra skiing days.
These days serve as a reserve for the ascent of Elbrus. If we have already managed to climb the Elbrus the day before, we can take a well-deserved rest day in Terskol, depending on our mood, and finish the day with a day tour, e.g. to the Tscheget (3440m).

Day 9 • travel home
In the morning return journey to Mineralny Vody, then flight home.
Optional (10th day) - Moscow experience: Return flight to Moscow, one night to celebrate in the Russian capital and the next day for sightseeing.

Elbrus Ski Climb - requirements

Requirements: The main difficulties of a ski ascent of Elbrus are the high altitude in connection with the partly very low temperatures and strong winds in the summit area. A very good physical condition is required for the long summit stage.
Technical requirements: Ski technical requirements: Solid skiing skills in all types of snow, safe use of hairpin bends, and experience of alpine ski tours. The handling of avalanche transceivers, probe, and shovel, as well as basic techniques for crevasse rescue should also be known. The latter can be refreshed during the acclimatization phase.
Physical requirements: Endurance for up to 10h, 1,500 meters (5,000 feet) of ascent with skis.
Danger note: Each participant takes part in this expedition independently and at his own risk. The risk of avalanches corresponds to that of demanding ski tours in the Alpine region. In the Caucasus, we point out the remoteness and the poorer rescue system. In addition, the climatic conditions are harsh and it can be very cold and stormy.

"Zum Elbrus: Insgesamt, u.a. auch durch den wetterbedingten "Kulturtag", hat mir die Unternehmung viel Spaß gemacht... zu Liza: top! Sowohl bergtechnisch, in sozialer Hinsicht, organisatorisch als auch auf Grund Ihres lokal kulturellen Hintergrundes vollauf zufrieden... Insgesamt hat mir das Gesamterlebnis viel Spaß gemacht."

(J. Rabbels, Deutschland - 26. May 2017 )

Elbrus Climb with Ski, sunrise on summit day | © Julian Beermann (c) SummitClimb
Ski mountaineer with Truck in Russia. | © Julian Beermann (c) SummitClimb
Mountaineers on the summit of Elbrus, Russia. | © SummitClimb Elbrus (c) Julian Beermann


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Moscow Experience

Here we can celebrate our Elbrus ski tour and ascent! One night and one day in Moscow.

Highlights: Red Square, the Kremlin, theaters, churches, bars. We enjoy a full day and the following night in Moscow.

With approx. 15 million inhabitants (2012) one of the largest cities in the world, Moscow has retained its old culture and tradition despite modern development. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities and in order to find a beautiful historic hotel in the center, we have to budget this additional program accordingly. The Moscow experience is certainly worth this extra day. After the cold days of the Elbrus ski ascent, it does not get much warmer in Moscow, but we can retire to a number of nice cafes and comfortable restaurants. Centrally located, we walk to the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Pushkin Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral and have many options for celebrating in the evening.